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Our Mantra

Our Mantra - "Rinse! Rinse! Rinse!"

Want to get clear skin fast? 

Really fast? 

Master the Art & Science of Rinsing your Face & Hair and we guarantee you are half way there! Most of us with problem/reactive skin can do one thing that will improve our complexions in just a few days. Rinse thoroughly!

One of the many benefits of the Curactin Acne Treatment System is that it delivers adsorbent cleansing. Yep! That’s adsorbent, not absorbent.

Difference being—imagine you have a sponge. Soak it in a solution. Pull it out and squeeze it. Naturally, you’ll wring the solution right out of the sponge that absorbed into it.

With adsorbent cleansing, you take that same sponge, soak it in the same solution, pull it out and squeeze it? Nothing comes out this time. That’s the difference. The adsorbent process binds, molecularly, the solution to the sponge. So there’s nothing left to wring out.

Curactin adsorbs all the impurities, toxins, bacteria, and a host of other angry critters in your skin. Your job? Rinse it the heck off your skin, thoroughly! If even the slightest residue of Curactin Clay Treatment is left on your skin, it won’t do its job completely. If at the sink, initially catch water in a clean face cloth and splash to remove. Then, splash your face a minimum of 25 times. If in the shower, use tepid water and allow the water to rinse over your face, do not use water at a high pressure though, this can damage healing tissues as well as damage capillaries.

Next in line for the “Rinse! Rinse! Rinse!” Mantra is your Hair, Scalp and Hairline! All shampoos, treatments and conditioners need to be thoroughly rinsed away in the shower!

Here’s why our acne gets worse and not better.

We shampoo, often with products that are primarily synthetic based, then we rinse that out and apply a treatment or a conditioner. Next, we rinse those out; Or, at least we think we do. If these products remain even in the smallest amounts in our hair, they begin to migrate down over the face throughout the day and end up clogging, infecting, and wreaking havoc on our skin.  

It’s super important to thoroughly rinse all products from the face and hair…and always pay special attention to cleansing and fully rinsing the entire hair-line.

If styling aids are used on the hair, they should be used as sparingly as possible, and preferably not at all till the complexion is fully clear of pimples and other irritations.

Adding this one habit of “Rinse! Rinse! Rinse!” to our daily routine will bring great results!

For a while, you may feel like you are over-rinsing. You’ll look and feel allot better because those microscopic ingredients that can clog the skin will be gone for good! Rinse! Rinse! Rinse! Away!


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